If It Was Up II Me Lyrics - Bun B feat. Junior Reid

Junior Reid II Trill cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-5-20
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 4:57
I hear we livin' in the last days
Its revelation and you best get right with god
Or else is waitin', the world is comin' to an end
Everyday is a storm or a flood, tsunamis, this **** ain't the norm
We got Katrina and Rita minds keep collapsing
With the fires and mud slides, I'm like whats happenin'
Got the kids in the school gettin' raped and molested
Under-funded, unprotected no wonder they tested
And the lowest percentage rate,
In my city damn near the lowest in the state
You can equate that to the state funds
That ain't breakin' down right,
Rich districts get more and poor ones less, and it just don't sound right
So I'm fittin' to pound right on the doors of my city hall
And kick them doors down, they killin' my city yall
We need to get my people back to where they should be
And since nobody else is gonna do it its gonna have to be me

[Chorus: Junior Reid]
If it was up to me,
No gun, no crack, or whore could of comin' in our community
If it was up to me,
You couldn't have no war between Tupac and B.I.G
If it was up to me,
They couldn't lock up Shyne and they couldn't lock up Emcee
If it was up to me,
You wouldn't have no aids and you wouldn't have no H.I.V

First of all the projects is ****ed up
And it ain't just with the drugs,
We got more problems than just the dealers and thugs
They using lead based paint, and investments is killing us
We tell 'em to fix it up but they just ain't feelin' us
They rather kicks us out and tear it down to the ground
So they can put up a parking lot, a mall, or some condos
Condemn the whole place cause if you sell crack
**** the rest ain't do nothin' wrong, what the ****s up with that
They say one rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch
But we talkin' bout some people not apples, this ain't lunch
Make me wanna punch a politician dead in his face
You say you represent my district, get your *** on the case
Development is good for the hood yeah thats what you tellin' us
But ***** you on the pay roll of the builders and developers
**** what you sellin' us, pipe dreams for suckers
You can take that around the corner to them other ************s man

So much youth they sacrifice
Just to live in paradise
Play they tricks and tell they lies I know
Its hurting to see how they treat the poor
They have so much and still they still want more
I see my people everyday on the floor


Its time to educate the people man, free school and college
So everybody cross the border can get the same knowledge
education leads to jobs and jobs kill poverty
And no more poverty means we makin' money obviously
Everybody makin' money everybody smilin'
************s ain't eatin', them ************s wildin'
Matter fact speakin' of eatin' lets feed the homeless in America
Let these ************s handle their own ****
How am I gonna clean your house, and mine still dirty
How am I gonna feed your kids, and mine still thirsty
And speakin' of the kids we need to spend some more time with 'em
Cant turn 'em loose in the streets, cause they dying in 'em
And all this naked *** sex man you trippin', **** love
Im livin life you aint gonna catch your boy slippin'
You say your boy trippin', I'm just keepin' in it G
Cause you could see how good the world would be if it was up to me


So much youth they sacrifice
Just to live in paradise
Play they tricks and tell they lies I know

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