Damn I'm Cold Lyrics - Bun B feat. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne II Trill cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-5-20
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 4:31
See when I got Mercedes money I went and got a Mercedes
When I got that Bentley money I went and got that Bentley
Now if you ain't help me get it don't tell me how to spend it
And yes I know the rules, never marry Robin Givens
Mozzarella over *****es
So we call me them *****es cheese heads
Lambo leap in that ***** like them green bay
Lambo sweet look like sugar on the freeway
And I'm riding dirty cause I'm so UGK
One, two, three way four an' four makes eight
Nine times outta' ten its an eleven or a twelve gauge
Friday the 13th that's the day that hell raised
But y'all boys too weak like fourteen days
I'm so clean why wouldn't I be
I be with Ben Frank so much he startin' to look like me
I'm a smoke my weed cause I don't wanna smoke yours
And I pour four every time I pour
Like, was you saying something *****
If you talkin' bout us then you ain't talkin' bout ****!

I wake up this mornin' eyes half closed
And looked in the mirror and say damn I'm cold
Damn I'm cold and my hoes
Pimp **** ***** keep payin' my hoes
Damn I'm cold man I'm cold
I say damn I'm cold
Hot damn I'm cold

When I got that slab money I put the Remy on blades
When I got that lac money
I candied the Escalade
Gotta screw on my deck
A house or two on my neck
A couple cars on my wrist
And ***** I'm ready to wreck
We bout to this for Pimp C
So pass me a bottle
I'm bout to pop the top on em
Like a slab or a model
Turn it upside down
And pour it out for my lil' bro
And pass me another one so I can pour out a little mo'
Fresher than osmium
Cleaner than wax floors
I'm slick as aluminum
Swingin' my lac doors
The Franklin's you foldin' them
We tryin' to stack those
Before you play the role
You gotta learn how to act, hoes!
Swingers and crank foes
And tippin' trunks of pain
Hangers give neck and hoes
And flip with nuts and hang
It ain't a thang
It never was and never will
I put that on my life
Bun B forever trill

**** you right all right
Going at your neck like a ****in' dog bites
I woke up this morning eyes half closed
Looked into the mirror and said damn I'm cold
Damn I'm cold and my hoe
Pimp **** ***** keep paying my hoe
Damn I'm cold man I'm throwed
I said damn I'm cold, hot damn I'm cold

Is it the ice in the piece or the ice in the chains?
Is it the ice in the watch or the ice in the rings?
Or the bracelet, face you feel the chill in yo veins
Could it be from Bun B or that boy Lil' Wayne

Or could it be the two-seater on them thangs
Got on a couple gold chains so dang it dang
I swang a thang, from lane to lane
Yeah, its getting hot and you starting to feel the flame

It's getting brick and you starting to feel a breeze
And the temperature's going down
Best'a get you some sleeves
And you best'a get you some G's
Fore you lose your control
And we turn your whole neighborhood into the north pole

Like brr
Machine gun brr
I am a beast grr
Money machine brr
F-U-C-K C-O-P's
I say I know when they say freeze

Ok you already knew
No pussies, no rats, no Tom and Jerry show
And I woke up this morning eyes half closed
Looked into the mirror like damn I'm cold
Damn I'm cold and my hoe
Damn I'm cold, man I'm cold
I say damn I'm cold
Hot damn I'm cold

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