Another Soldier Lyrics - Bun B feat. Mddl Fngz & Cobe

Cobe II Trill cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-5-20
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 4:18
[Bun B:]
Lost of a loved one
Relative in commander to the game of life, in which one chose to adapt to as a gangsta
Enter my mind
Fill my heart
My emotional pain
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
If you haven't experienced that nature of life, it's gutta

[Chorus: Cobe]
I got this drama
Don't worry momma
Cause I got the armor
On my back, when I
Drive through the streets
Everybody on me
Tryin' to take my life
But I don't give a
What about that
Grip that thang
**** that back
You don't wanna be (gone)
Another goner (gone)
In the game (gone)
Another soldier (gone)
In a grave (gone)
Bendin' corners (gone)
Finna bang (gone)
Another soldier (long gone)
In the grave (grave)

[Bun B:]
We are the mighty middle fingaz
We do not accept hate
Love us or die

[Mddl Fngz:]
Yeah fat-boy slow, but a ***** ain't quick
Ho limped through the door, lay a ***** on his d*ck
Open up the door, ***** standing like "sh*t"
Fifteen full bricks, same price for a hit
***** I done done it, it ain't gotta be a lick
And if I'm plexin' with you partner then the choppa goin' piss
Shootin' up ya corner make a sound like "swish"
But I low so gat cause the chopper don't miss.

[Bun B:]
No the chopper goin' hit
Bound to leave ya dome split
Lose ya bodily functions
Have me think you goin' ****
Mddl fngz, strong click
Bun b, the strong spit
Put you six feet under
Why not have a long sit
Long walk, short pier
Mane have a long flip
Got the streets on lock
And got the yola on whip
Tell momma we comin' home so don't trip

[Mddl Fngz:]
If I tee, don't worry bout me
Momma I'm a g
I know how to handle *****s tryin' to come up on me
Tryin' to run up on me
Thinkin' you goin' try me
**** in a bag
Drinkin' through a iv
So appreciate ya breath
While you got some left
Ya life's a bi*ch
They got permanent pms
And my only fear of death is reincarnation
So it ain't sh*t for me to make you *****s er patients
Another soldier in the grave


Two nines, four clips
Prayin' that you *****s trip
Lookin' for some trouble
Finna bust you *****s bubble
And I don't give a **** about your happy meal mug
We can go toe to toe, or trade these slugs
So catch a square *****
And I won't budge
Don't plea bargain now, ***** save it for the judge
I might have you *****s lookin' like a strawberry fanta
Did so much, done burned myself, retire my bandanna
Southwest got them soldiers
Some movin' doja
Some movin' x
But they mostly movin' yola
With guns in the holster
We never leave the toast'a
Face could wind up on a rest in peace poster
Rest in peace? no suh
Pissin' on ya grave-site
Then get real ***** with it and go **** ya wife
So think twice
One for you and ya momma life
Band I-t, shoot the soldiers like I shoot the dice

[Bun B:]
For my ***** bad *** bam, I'll open ya head
For young lo, I'll let that forty-four fill ya with lead
For big munsta, I'll pull out the Thompson and straight squeeze it
Behind sean wee I'll cut you off at the knees
For the band I-t, I'll close range ya with the mac
And for k.s.o lot, I'll put the glock to ya back
Middle finger, this ain't a act
This uncut coke
Don't ever play us for a joke
You'll get ya bi*ch-*** smoked
We go for broke


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