Concrete Lyrics - Bun B & Statik Selektah feat. Westside Gunn & Termanology

Termanology TrillStatik cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2019-4-27
length: 2:45

Ayo, I know some lowhead status stick you for your horse
No remorse, I weigh the MAC-12 out the Porsche
Surely you and me look alike, I sell brick for sport
When you're on the red y'all some Kings stabbed a [one?] in court (Nah)
40 with your **** make the whole crowd scatter
All my *****s rich, from the shooter to the bagger
Balenciaga duffle bag filled with whole slabs
Step on these rings you gettin' toe tag (Boom-boom-boom-boom)
Trillstatik, you know this **** don't write
I swear I been fly my whole life
A ***** be paranoid
I sleep with the pole every night
God is the greatest, looked at my plug like we made it
My style look like Kerry James Marshall painted it (Ah)
I heard your album and I hated it

**** it, you need to stop rappin' ***** and wait a bit
A bulldog with the leash off
Grabbed the gloves and polished the piece off
Yo **** homie, he soft
And I'm concrete, realest ***** on feet
The shotgun is riding shotgun, I'm feeling complete
Don't ride down Bun's street, it won't end good
I'm triple OG ************, I've been good
From the west side to Windwood, haters know
You barkin' up the wrong tree, that ain't the way to go
Pull a big thing with them extras out
That's what that big boy flex about, you *****s up next, I'm out
'Cause I don't really do this sucka ****
For real, you must not know who you ****in' with
It's 100 when you see me
I get jewelry from Mike Jordan, man you *****s couldn't be me
I used to have a pocket full of stones, now I got properties and homes
There ain't no stoppin' me, it's on *****

Uh, hangin' out with Bun & West
Grab my gun and vest
100 percent chance body died, know nothing less
Before the live streams, it was Con scenes
Mercedes Benz with the rims since I was 19
Greatest Puerto-Rican rapper since Joe and Pun
You could line up a hundred and couldn't show me one
Take my time with this verse until I know it's done
My mama had nightmares, they killed the only son
Walked into the store to cop a Limbase
Some kid got shot in this mente, they ended his day
My whip the color of yay, but I don't whip yay
When I did, it was heavy, I had my **** sprayed
Now we streaming on TIDAL, they let this **** play
Made history with my idols, we had a big day
It's Trillstatik 'cause real hip-hop matters
You can bite the idea, but we had it before you had it, facts

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