I Am a Cancer Lyrics - Burden Brothers

Burden Brothers Mercy cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-10-31
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Country Rock/Hard Rock
length: 4:57
Find another love song and dedicate it to
The lover that you're loving on the way that I loved you
Find another breakup song and sing it to yourself
Here's to having everything, here's to your health

I am a cancer

I wish that I could hear the song that's falling from your lips
Quietly become the one that's got you in my grip
I wish that I could be the smoke that's stirring up your blood
Something grows inside of you and I am the one

I am a cancer
And I live inside you
And you give
Inside you, I am the answer

Shift your hips and wet your lips and take another drag
Cigarette then fingernail, then cigarette, then back
You can put it down, you know, but you can never quit
One fire goes out and one fire is lit

I am a cancer
And I live inside you
And you give
Inside you I am the answer

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