Who Sang If You're Going To Heaven? Burden Brothers

Burden Brothers Buried in Your Black Heart cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-11
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock
length: 3:42
If you're going to heaven
And you think you know the way
Please show me the right direction
And I'll follow you
I won't let you get away

If your heart is sad and heavy
You hide your face behind your hands
But if you'll take a chance and let me
Follow you
I will always be your man

You know I don't need your attention
I don't need your pity or your grief
I'm not a slave to your affection
I'm a slave to your belief

So if you're going to heaven
Say you won't leave me behind
Cause without you I'm as helpless
As a little child
God I need you by my side

CD 1
  • 1 Buried In Your Black Heart
  • 2 Shadow
  • 3 Beautiful Night
  • 4 Come On Down
  • 5 You're So God Damn Beautiful
  • 6 If You're Going To Heaven
  • 7 Do For Me
  • 8 Walk Away
  • 9 Your Fault
  • 10 Conditional
  • 11 Let It Go