Who Sang Funny Way of Laughin'? Burl Ives

Release information
Release Date: 1995
length: 2:42
It's just my funny way of laughin'
Yes, my funny way of laughin'
Your leavin' didn't bother me
It's just my funny way of laughin'
Yes, my funny way of laughin'

I'm really happy as can be
If you see me with a great big smile
At some party where the fun runs wild
If tears start to flow and I fall apart
Please don't think you broke my heart


If we meet on the street
And a little bitta tear rolls down my cheek
Please don't think it's because I'm blue
Or that I'm still in love with you


Remember the day you left our place
And how the tears rolled down my face
It wasn't because you were leavin' me
I was happy because you were pleasing me

(funny way of laughin', laughin')

(funny way of laughin', laughin')

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