Who Sang Hippies? Burma Shave

Burma Shave Stash cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993
length: 2:55
I was walking down the road with a need to score
She looked real cute what I'm waiting for
Well it took me just a couple of hours
But then we got home and showered in flowers
Well you're looking at me and you ain't so bad
Thinking about the peace that we could have had
This doesn't seem to fit we're rebels with a click
We're all hippies

Well I'm moving high I'm tripping low
I don't know what I'm talking about
But the feeling is right and it must be soul
A deeper sight makes the rebel lonely
Acid in vain makes the fun real phoney
When you gonna say love shines
Light up your face and I wanna
Try the peace of your love

I'm on my way back home
Ridin' out of the danger zone
Trippin' over everything that is high
And we breathe and we breathe and we dont know what we breath in

CD 1
  • 1 Hippies
  • 2 Homeboys
  • 3 Movin’ Up the Cattle
  • 4 B.B.Bear
  • 5 BS1
  • 6 Rival
  • 7 Stash
  • 8 Eleven O’Clock
  • 9 Run for Fun
  • 10 502
  • 11 Arrest Me
  • 12 Play Debile
  • 13 On My Way
  • 14 Riffle