C‐Murder - Duck & Run 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 1998-3-17
ジャンル: Hip Hop
スタイル: Gangsta
length: 2:52
(gun shots in the distance, heavy breathing, reloading a clip)
[C-Murder;Duck an Run Foo, You Better Duck an Run *****, Duck an Run Foo,You
better Duck an Run *****]


You better duck an run when you hear the tank comin' through,in a show or at a
sto' near you. When you hear No Limit Soldier or Bout It Bout It my tank dawgs
bout to get this mutha****a rowdy, them hoes bounce that *** in the front
line, an my thugs be throwin up gang signs an all they talk about is break 'em
off somethin' rolled an start fightin' 'til the mutha****in' place close.Po-
Po's mad I'm smokin' weed on stage crowds gettin' smashed by da barracades.Red
an Blue be muggin' on both side 3-Ward *****s talkin' bout take it out side.An
them mutha****in' GD's they got them Uzi's an they be bang like them *****s in
the movies,huh, you can come to my show for fun *****,but be prepared to Duck
& Run *****....

Fiend;duck an run (better duck an run *****),duck an run (you better duck an
run *****),duck an run (said duck an run *****),duck an run (duck an run, duck
an run)


You can put me in the mutha****in' Rap Hall of Fame 'cause I got ever ghetto
***** callin' my name.**** main-stream foo', I keep it real,my record sales
keep me paid jus' like bill.He jump street day now I gottah come an get cha,
lay it down an everybody das wit cha. I make money off the mutha****in'
public, double-platinum...an lovin' every minute of it. I celebrate wit
crystyle an alizae, an doin' almost every other day. 40 G's a whop, it don't
stop. I'm off the streets now, I ain't gottah sell rocks. But the game ain't
changed, the ghetto's in my veins, you could tell...by my mutha****in' name,
I'm used to bangin' foo' fa fun, I'm chill but still make you Duck & Run

Fiend;duck an run (you better duck an run *****), duck an run (duck an run
boy), duck an run (you better duck an run boy),duck an run,duck an run...duck
an run (you better duck an run *****),duck an run (you better duck an run
boy),duck an run (said duck an run boy),duck an run, duck an run.......

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 A 2nd Chance
  • 3 Akickdoe
  • 4 Constantly 'n Danger
  • 5 Don't Play No Games
  • 6 Show Me Luv
  • 7 Picture Me
  • 8 On the Run
  • 9 Get N Paid
  • 10 Only the Strong Survive
  • 11 The TRUest SH...
  • 12 Makin Moves
  • 13 Feel My Pain
  • 14 Soldiers
  • 15 Cluckers
  • 16 Life or Death
  • 17 Where I'm From
  • 18 G's & Macks
  • 19 Commerical
  • 20 Riders
  • 21 Watch Yo Enemies
  • 22 Duck & Run
  • 23 Ghetto Ties
  • 24 Survival of the Fittest
  • 25 Dreams
  • 26 Outro