C‐Murder - Streets Keep Callin’ Lyrics

release date: 2008-7-1
length: 4:17

You find da world
Guess it's over
You'll find da space
Then you'll find stars
You look at the sun
And you see a light
You look into my eyes
Then you'll find me mind!

Yeaaaaaaaaaaah hey!
You make me crazy!!

Oh it's so cold
When rain falls
Got stupid brain
When I'm on da train
I was stupid child
And I'm still stupid now
My head hit da ball
And da ball hit da ground

Yeaaaaaaaaaaah hey!
You make me crazy!!

Get up I'm ready !
Get up there!
Cum on alone!
Get up won't you get up and down?
The space...!

You make me crazy!

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 I Represent
  • 3 WTRU (skit)
  • 4 Be Fresh
  • 5 Posted on tha Block (remix)
  • 6 Mihita
  • 7 Gangstafied Lyrics
  • 8 Streets Keep Callin’
  • 9 My Set
  • 10 Beast Mode
  • 11 Cuttboyz Anthem
  • 12 Freeze (Ice Man)
  • 13 Down South
  • 14 Murdaman Dance