C‐Murder - Survival of the Fittest 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 1998-3-17
ジャンル: Hip Hop
スタイル: Gangsta
length: 4:01
Yo, yo, what's up *****? You know the streets is a jungle
You gotta survive out here
You need a strong mind to do the **** I do
You ever seen something blown up before
See that ***** cross the street in that Cutlass
Check this out

[Chorus x2]
Survival of the fittest, respect my come up
Survival of the fittest, you better not run up

I remember back in 89 a ***** used to steal
And now I got a Navi with a motha****ing grill
One time chase a ***** through the ****ing alley
Mad cause I ****ed up my only pair of Bally's
I used to smoke weed with the ballers after school
Motha****as wanted to hang cause I used to act a fool
Started slanging rocks because the **** was fun
I used to bang at *****z just to see them run
People started hearing **** started recognizing me
Big timers fronted me some coke and a ride g
Dope became a business, no longer a hobby
I owed a ***** 5 g's so I started robbing
I knew I had to move before I had to bang him up
I'm a act a donkey if you don't respect my come up
Dumb *****z die and real *****z live
The ghetto is so wicked I can't even trust my kids

[Chorus x2]

Started in this game at the age of thirteen
Getting paid making money serving crack to the fiends
Hoes couldn't take me, *****z gave me jealous looks
To the world I was a man, to the feds I was a crook
Put my face up in the paper, put my name in they books
Cause they see a ***** balling off the birds that I cooked
As the years went by still survival of the fittest
Now I'm riding in the tank representing to the fullest
Putting bullets in you *****es jealous *****z in disguise
Shooting *****z til we die, Gambino's on the rise
My ***** Fiend up by my side, my enemy bound to die
Got no mercy in my eyes label Gotti one of the realest

[Chorus x2]

I was born a bastard, my pops was a thug
Four years in the pen for transporting drugs
I was Known in the hood as a ***** with the weight
Bithces all up in my business, shipping keys from state to state
Triple beams in the project, Calliope where I broke 'em down
Razor blades and baking soda, pure white **** the brown
My clientele was growing started investing in some other ****
Barber shops on every block, even had a weed spot
Moms and the kids put away up in the house
A fellas Cameras in the lawn to spook a ***** out
Pitbulls in the backyard trained to kill
Call my folks up on the phone before I made a deal
I'm one step ahead of a ***** doing wrong
That's why I'm still alive and been on top so ****ing long
I had to spank some busters, to show 'em I mean business
The ghetto is so wicked its survival of the fittest

[Chorus x2]

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 A 2nd Chance
  • 3 Akickdoe
  • 4 Constantly 'n Danger
  • 5 Don't Play No Games
  • 6 Show Me Luv
  • 7 Picture Me
  • 8 On the Run
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  • 18 G's & Macks
  • 19 Commerical
  • 20 Riders
  • 21 Watch Yo Enemies
  • 22 Duck & Run
  • 23 Ghetto Ties
  • 24 Survival of the Fittest
  • 25 Dreams
  • 26 Outro