Who Sang Ordinary Night (In a Provincial Town)? Cabaret Noir

Cabaret Noir Cabaret Noir cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-7
Genre: Jazz
Style: Space-Age/Smooth Jazz/Vocal/Latin Jazz
length: 4:22
Here's another story
To unfold made of secrets left untold a young girl
Who said yes to the night found
Herself at the "hotel sunrise"
"Room number twenty-five, please"
A man was standing by her side

So that night she slept with him
His name was Tim
She spent the night with him
She can't remember what happened
His name was Tim
She just spent the night with him

Here's another story
Made of love, a noir, a tale of crime, the morning
After without life a man was found in the room Twenty-five
The police could not believe there were her lips marks on his skin

Was it her the one who killed
His name was Tim
She spent the night with him
She can't believe what she did
His name was Tim
Who knows who killed him

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