Who Sang Eosphorus? Caedes Cruenta

Release information
Release Date: 2010
length: 3:34
Send me a tale about all your miracles
Give me a sign for your all untrue words
The fallen one angel, eclipsed the gloomy moon
The wind has returned, increasing dark and death
Fallen from heaven named, Eosphorus
He'll bring the eternal dark, Eosphorus
The first creation of god, called Eosphorus
An odious angel for heaven, Eosphorus
Near the gates of hell, angels are decayed
Our great fire awaits, bible's morbid gate
A liar was crucified, parasites were decomposed
Lord of the night, on his broken throne

Word of lies, the speak of god
See my bleeding, taste my blood
Darkened souls cover the light of holy star
After day comes the dark...

CD 1
  • 1 The Path Where the Dark Legion Dwells
  • 2 Eosphorus
  • 3 Maccabre Sacrifices Beneath the Hollowed Graves
  • 4 Cold Eternal Night
  • 5 Through the Forest of Wolf's Possession
  • 6 Σκιές δαιμόνων
  • 7 Religion of Blasphemy
  • 8 Into the Ashes of the Unforgotten Woods