Who Sang Skinned Alive? CAGE

CAGE Supremacy of Steel cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-11-25
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal/Power Metal/Speed Metal
length: 2:58

I'm just getting over your knife in my back
I'm plotting a nasty revenge
Take a trip into my psychotic mind
A place where the pain never ends
I've got you tonight, you've run out of time
Eins zwei drei die
I'm coming to skin you alive!
Eins zwei drei die
Ending your life was just not enough
Temptations too hard to resist
Torture and torment are things that I crave
I'll never cease or desist!
Beaten and tied, I'll tear out your eyes
Eins zwei drei die
Burn you with lasers and cut you with knives

I've half a mind to skin you alive
Out of my mind, madness divine!
My blade's cutting deep as it slices your skin
Your screams are disturbing my work
Victims lie chained, shouting my name
Caught in the shadows I search
Collecting their bones, I'm never alone
Eins zwei drei die
You call it horror and I call it home

[Repeat Chorus]
Stalking at night, you're caught by surprise
Tasting your terror, delicious delight
Don't walk alone, I'm waiting tonight!

[Repeat Chorus]
I've half a mind to skin you alive
All of this madness is divine!

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