Cake Like - Cancer Lyrics

release date: 1997
genres: Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Art Rock/Indie Rock
length: 3:21
producer: Carl Glanville and Craig Wedren
mixer: Carl Glanville
engineer: Carl Glanville
assistant engineer: Mark Mitchell
synthesizer: Craig Wedren
You're getting sleepy
Very sleepy
Soon you're going to fall asleep...
Just rest relax the drip will drop fast
You lay down, for the first time
I am far away
You say things are not so fine
It's been an awful day
Are you okay?
I wish I could be there
Ten nine eight seven
Six five four three two
- And now you are with me
Always a lead heart - sad - heart
How do you feel
It hurts
On a good day?
It hurts
Is today a good day?
It hurts

Track Listing
  • 1 The New Girl
  • 2 Wendy
  • 3 Mr. Fireman
  • 4 Groovy
  • 5 Latin Lover
  • 6 Pretty New
  • 7 Lorraine's Car
  • 8 Franchise
  • 9 Cancer
  • 10 The American Woman
  • 11 Truck Stop Hussy
  • 12 Destroyed