Who Sang Vegas? Caleb Carruth

Release information
Release Date: 2002-11-1
length: 4:25

A brief encounter in the city of sin
In walks the devil, isn't she so beautiful?
She says "I hear they grow nice things in Texas
That will mind-alter your perceptions..."
I correspond the secret, no, respond with a smile

Don't believe my lies, I've been known to let you down
In practice, I preach it's better not to offend than to change a life
Forgive me, I've sentenced you to die
As it all comes down to this one thing:
I know my faith it is a lie

It's not nerves that I won't speak
Nor the apathy within me
She chose or HE chose and if I speak will she be culpable?

I've had it up to here now
I do this all the time
Make war with my insides and insights that blind
And I know that you are the way the truth and life!
A gift freely given;
And I know You know...

  • 1 Darkness Falls
  • 2 Loving Loss
  • 3 Reason
  • 4 Vegas
  • 5 I Will Call You Blessed (Aina's Song)
  • 6 Your Love is Amazing
  • 7 Beloved
  • 8 The Battle Belongs to the Lord
  • 9 Lord of the Heavens and the Earth
  • 10 When I Think About the Lord