Candiria - Blood Lyrics

release date: 2004-7-13
genres: Electronic Hip Hop Jazz Rock
styles: Math Rock/Conscious/Free Jazz/Abstract/Fusion/Hip Hop/Heavy Metal/Hardcore/Cool Jazz
length: 3:17
All is wasted. Sacrifice.
Spill your blood. Within all is precious.
I am violence having sex with guns.
My bullets are my children piercing through your lungs.
Lace your boots up. Defend your brother.

I will rise up and take this oath in blood.
Marching on to increase the casualties.
Your world will fall apart like martyrs on their knees.
Spoon-fed. Overflow your cup.
They will hunt you down-spread you out to dry you up.

Blood, thicker than water
Blood, brethren of arms in slaughter
Blood, your wrath, your fate, your vision
Blood, cough it up to escape your body prison

Who do you will to be?
Parasite you consist inside of me
Inside of you, tumors will infest, devouring
Your genocide; parading in your flesh
So you're riddled with perversion and your tears [are] for my water.
A never ending scream, foreseeing glimpses of slaughter.

Blood runs through my veins. This is war for dying man.
All or nothing is to gain. Fearless!
Strike you down where I stand so I can spit on your face
Lay in your coffin so I can spit on your grave.
So give it up. All hope is lost.
Raise it up. My gain is your loss.
So open wide. Inhale your downfall.
I am judgment day.

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Dead Bury the Dead
  • 2 The Nameless King
  • 3 Blood
  • 4 Remove Yourself
  • 5 1000 Points of Light
  • 6 Down
  • 7 9mm Solution
  • 8 I Am
  • 9 Vacant
  • 10 The Rutherford Experiment