Who Sang Playin' on Me? Candyman

Candyman Ain't No Shame in My Game cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990-9-24
Genre: Hip Hop Pop
Style: RnB/Swing/Pop Rap
length: 4:14

In a hotel wakin up another day in showbiz
Kiss the redhead in my bed, knowin not who she is
Plug the phone back in the socket watch the light blink on the ringer
There's a message in the lobby oh my God, it's Gina
See a housekeeper in the hallway, so I say
I know you have a route, but I'm willin to pay
If you'll go out of your way, to clean my room up in a hurry
My girly flew to see me and she's here a little early
So the skeeze had to leave with no disrespect
Said I'd meet her at the show I had to go to soundcheck
Before she made her exit she collected cabfare
From the elevator, while I crept down the stairs
Step by step I was stallin every minute
Givin her enough time, to catch a taxi and get in it
Greeted my girl as if nothin ever happened
But everybody knows, girls have a way of
Trappin a guy without them knowin it
But a hickie has a way of showin it
So I got put in check, when she seen it on my neck
And said "Candyman you're blowin it, you're playin on me"

"But I don't give a hoot, huh, because I knocked boots" - Ice Cube

Can't sleep, can't think, and you're missin your meals
Simply because you heard I'm playin the field
Do we still go together? Well that all depends
On who you believe - me or your friends
In makin conversation you ask why must I play
To tell you the truth yo, I really can't say
It's just one of those things that you can't understand
Unless you're a man, but that ain't the plan
And I stand corrected, if this ain't the truth
Nobody wants a man who cannot knock boots
So what's the use in you makin a pretense
Baby you know the best teacher is experience
Ever since then she's been actin kinda strange
Sayin to herself "Two can play THAT game"
Lame excuse but it was very well put
I can't stand it, when the shoe's on the other foot
So I went to her house, cause I knew she hadn't seen me
Seen another man, in her room, watchin TV
He was layin on her, she should be layin on me
Just as I thought... she's playin on me


[Candyman and Woman convo]
Say love, I think you need to step outside with me for a minute
Step outside wit'chu for what?
We got things we need to talk about right NOW!
Like what's up with this shade tree you got over here?
What'chu mean what's up with this shade tree?
What's up with homegirl at the hotel the other day?
Man I tried to tell you we was doin a interview
For some kind of magazine or somethin like that
Yeah, just like you tried to tell me
The last girl was interviewin you for Right On
What happened with that?
What? Heh, Right On! Y'knahmsayin?
There's things that I'm doin in this business
That you don't know nothin about
It's like I got things to do that's business
Me and you though, we got a relationship
What kind of relationship with monkey bites all on your neck
And you always talkin about "Knockin' Boots?"
I'm not interested in no "Knockin' Boots!"
It's more than that though
I buy you rings, jewelry, whatever you want y'know?
Material things don't mean nothin to me Candy without your love
Yeah, whatever~!
But as long as we gon' be together, me and you
There's just one thing I expect of you
Yeah what's that?
Don't be playin on me


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