Who Sang Today's Topic? Candyman

Candyman Ain't No Shame in My Game cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990-9-24
Genre: Hip Hop Pop
Style: RnB/Swing/Pop Rap
length: 3:06

Hi, I'm your host John Rondo Riviera
And welcome to "Who, Really, Gives a Damn?"
And today's topic is rap, and its effect on our world today
And guests on our panel today are
MC T-Fly, MC Psych, and yes folks, the Candyman
We have people going to school for years {*SIGHS*}
Getting a degree in music
And you come in here with your platinum selling albums
With this "jungle music"
What do you have to say about this, MC T-Fly?

[MC T-Fly]
"Jungle music," I'm not even gonna answer that
But I know there's a lot of people out there watching OPRAH right about now
Besides I'm only out for one thing
That's the money, the cars, the jewels, the girls, everything baby

[Annoying Host]
Yeah right, we have songs called "Cheeba Cheeba" by Tone Loc
And as far as I'm concerned, you're advocating marijuana~!

[MC Psych]
Ay man, ay man dis is da Psych homeboy
We ain't advocatin NOTHIN man!
Tone chose to rap about what he wanted to rap about
And right NOW, I choose to do dis!
{*lights, smokes a joint, coughs*}

[Smarmy Host]
Yeah that's real cute
Security, will you get this guy outta here, thank you?
Well, it looks like we're running out of time right now
But before we go, do you have anything to say about this

See nobody ever gave a damn about a brother like me
Being in the industry
Back in eighty-three Run-D.M.C. was all we played in the hood
And that was good, the way it should be done
But now for me and Run things are a little bit different
Our record's on the hitlist
White, black, oriental or latino
Everybody wants to buy the Candyman single
When the hip-hop starts, I'm crossin over to the pop charts
Now here come the old farts
Poppin that junk about PMRC
Breasts are a part of the anatomy!
Rap attack the youth but yet the proof is unfounded
Sounded like a gunshot, Eazy got you grounded
Playing that record called "{Fuck} the Police"
Loc got you smokin joints so buck up, peace
"Me So Horny" got a record store owner arrested
And when a lady was molested
That's when the media suggested just a little too quick
Slick Rick's hit was the cause of it
Bull{shit}, I'm gettin real ticked off
One by one, another brother picked off
I know the name of the game but I won't play along
So I say jump your bones
Now how can one promote gang violence
By droppin science or english, cause I haven't seen this
No, what I mean is heard this
A young black rapper so you have to get nervous
Do we deserve this negative hype?
Stereotype, a few of us might, but I just write
What you as the public want to tap into
From Compton Boulevard, to Inglewood Avenue
They can't stop this so this is the way I GOTTA drop it
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