Who Sang Relations? Canon feat. Sean C. Johnson

Sean C. Johnson Mad Haven cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-10-15
length: 4:50
producer: Wit
guest performer: Sean C. Johnson
mixer: Wit

[Verse 1: Canon]
I'm pose to say what married couples want to hear, that I'm content without having a woman's love
To hold dear to be honest, aye cause singleness can sucks to be honest but I'm expected as man to be silent lets keep it real if we talking
And I ain't never hope to stay in this season
My beef is I ain't ready or seasoned I stand alone on the outside, I'm staring inside from the cement, it isn't cold from where i stand no its freezing, discontent is my weakness
Yo I just want lead and taketh upon the life's challenge, taking the cares of just another
The husband of one wife he protects and brings coverage
And Her Spiritual security, id place nothing above it, standing under, the grace Of God no relationship is perfect Its The joy beyond the ship that makes a storm seem worth it
Though my effort seems worthless
Never mind em on this melody
Can a man speak his mind
What is it they ain't tell me?
I guess I'm trippen'
I'm seeing shadows of possible future
Promises, when You see the life of a trophy you honor it
I see her walk with God it got some others following
But she can be, we can be more just let me polish it
I'm tired weddings your either Lonely or gettin' pressured
I'm feeling hot, cool and vicious like I'm salt and pepa
Could it be very necessary I'm trying to test the weather, I can feel it hit me every time like its Mayweather

[Hook: Sean C. Johnson]
Going insane, cause a good thing, will I ever find
As the year pass and I wonder
Will it be my time
Ooooh Ooooh

[Verse 2: Canon]
Yea, a Little man with some big dreams, a big heart with a small check for a big ring
Don't write a check that you can't cash
And A promise you made for the rest of your life is more than a contract
I could be so free and do my own thing, a single man can just travel the world
But he'd rather travel
Coast to coast, from continents then return waking up sitting next to his girl
I'm just fantasizing


But to be honest
I feel like I was saying all this stuff
I could hear Lecrae talking in my ear like

[Verse 3: Canon]
This silly boy silly boy He don't understand what this life really entails, it's not that we don't want you in a relationship naw bro, I promise man its only I don't want to see you fail
Cause listen if you fail then she fails too, and listen if you break her heart yea, we kill too
Boy Get your head down out the clouds go sober up for a while and see that I'm only speaking the truth
You don't wanna be drunken for no relationship following just emotions
Just Use the wisdom and logic I gave you the door is open
Cause wisdom cries out in the masses you listening
I hope you listen
She knocking shes at the entrance
I just want you to count the cost, she don't need boy, she gone need a boss
And you gone have to die, you don't seem to have a cross
Cause loving is selfless giving but you ain't gave it all
I see myself in you so many times
The younger me in you ain't hard to find?
But me I took the time
To change to rearrange things that I found fine
There's only hope if you take your time, you gotta take your time


[Outro: Canon]
Aye man I hear what you saying and it's all good but in reality...

Bro... it's cool
If you gone listen then listen. I'd rather you tell you me you wouldn't than act like you would
But it's on you
You're a grown man

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