Who Sang The Road? Canon feat. Thurston Lopes

Thurston Lopes Mad Haven cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-10-15
length: 4:06
producer: Kurt Denmark, Canon and Thurston Lopes
guest performer: Thurston Lopes
mixer: Wit

[Hook: Thurston Lopes]
Take the road less traveled
Use your heart as a candle
Take the road less traveled
You’re never going to shine until you glow

[Verse 1: Canon]
This the moment that will never leave
The times we have to play the background and let em lead
But My Pride will make Him humble me
Dont understand it Take this road and you can follow me
I ain't got all the answers
Don't forget that Im fallen
I never been perfect but please
Understand why call for him
I am not my mistakes, but I struggle with confidence, I'm the product of the problem when you pick up the compliments
I'm only 23, I got a hand full problems as leader tryna grow up with insecurities
I'm not my leaders or the picture you've tried to label me, man I’ve got my own little make up created in Gods identity
I got walk on this narrow road and I'm not Moses, I just hope to put some hope in hearts where the life is hopeless
It's not an easy path, if you walk it you know this, but God is with you, I know this he's the author who wrote it so

Take the road less traveled
Use your heart as a candle
Take the road less traveled
You’re never going to shine until you glow

[Verse 2: Canon]
It's a heavy task it's a weighty talk there's even more to ask cuz it’s a weighty walk it's a weighty job but it's the way to live Couse it's a heavy cross we carry daily kid
You may never see the fruit of your labor man trust me, in and out of season
Beautiful feet can feel ugly
Plenty times I ain't want to be the worker so trust me, Couse at times they ain't feeling you, I ain't talking touchy
You gotta deal with the critics; you gotta deal with mockers they tweet about what you forgot and what you never accomplished
They'll talk about you in public without a hint of caution
And got the nerve to be surprised when anger sits in my posture
This not a life for the man who seek to be selfish, naw, we got our model to lead and our example was God
Though this life can be hard
Yea you can can shoot for the moon but never forget that our position is behind the star

[Bridge: Thurston Lopes]
You’re a candle in the darkness
There's perfection, in your likeness
Your original, irreplaceable, take the road, take the road


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