Who Sang Mind Vomit? Canon

Canon Mad Haven cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-10-15
length: 4:04
producer: Kurt Denmark and Canon
mixer: Wit

Yeah, this is it
A lot of times even after a journey
You still feel weighed down by the things you came across
Sometimes you just got a lot in you
And you got to let that stuff out of you
Tired of being weighed down
So you gotta' hit 'em with the no topic
Mind vomit
I'm spitting on some

[Verse 1]
Before I start, I just want to be clear
This song was not for you all, but since I got your ears
I'ma say some stuff I've been waiting to say for years
I'm sorry if I offend but this me being clear
Who am I to you, nobody but trash I wouldn't lie to you
I'm not a threat its only one of a me and yet a lot of you
Here to cock and aim a shot when I shoot I follow through so
In the end I hope the spirit will jump, hallelu
Been gave the gospel truth
I gave you all my point of views
When I spit at you look at me like sick you sick with the stomach flew
I looked at God he told me Aaron I'm not what you equal to
He tried to give me short cuts instead I ran out the scenic root
Aaron thinking he's a know it all
But God'll show him don't know at all so he gave me glass jaw
Was Hit hard, learned lessons, and trained hard
Man I was ready for home like it was baseball
I've been this long road
Man I swear to myself, what made glitter ain't Gold
What I perceived as wealth was only these lies they told me
Sitting low at the shelf was the father who knows me
And everything else, would of been sittin' high beyond the God of all things
I use to run away when he called me
I use to run away he called me, dang
Sometimes I try to run when we calls me
Man some days got me hatin' life
Like skip it all I could die tonight
I could give a hoot on who doesn't like
I could care less about this Christian life and do what I do when I do it when I take this pen write
But that ain't every day
Life still blessing bruh
I just thought for a second I'd telling what's up
Life is
I ain't letting 'em up
I gotta murder myself and I ain't killing enough
I see a black and white world through my grey shades
But if you wanna see color look through Christ frame
Hard ball with an odd ball
I've gotten buttons you can press but remember I am not a game
Lord I wanna' change, so could you spare a little
I wanna grow to mature faith cause mine's little
Character grows only having the spirit in you
So Lord reign in my life, I got root issues
Pass the baton, running this new race
I'm the smaller joker determined to murder every spade
Secure through these nights and days like I'm blade
I wrestle with the lions like David I'm so Blaine
If swagger was an issue, I'm fightin' to become plain
So tired of sin trafficking Jesus brought out the plane
Transcendent over sin, hope was found in the king
As long as I see a rainbow I guess I'm ready for rain
You can call me the new guy, you don't need a name
See, I'm worthy have to my shoes tied
Doing something old but rocking a whole new pride
Proud to be humbled by brothers with bigger shoe sizes
I'm on a new kinda
Feeling I'm feeling filled with the filling of the spirit this confidence given ain't arrogance its just how I'm feeling
Bold enough to quit trying to be a hero
Only God saves for change I'm only zero, kiddo
I can rest, the seed of son is the pillow
I tried playing the background but ended up in the middle, kiddo
Holla' back to the old canon I'm 10-4
You seen what's in inside but that was through a window
This is my time I'm a
Spit my heart and my soul
If I don't sell remember what may glitter ain't gold
I've given everything I've gotten what more could I hold
If this ain't sick enough don't trip this ain't even a cold

And this a mind vomit
To the father above gotta pay homage
I know I'm crazy At least I'm honest
If I ain't gave you the truth by now then I ain't got it

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    label: Reflection Music Group
    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin