Who Sang My City? Canon

Canon Mad Haven cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-10-15
length: 3:50
producer: Supe
mixer: Wit

I hear they say that you don't wanna come from my city, they say ain't nothing popping but the guns in my city, they wonder what good can really come from my city
Chi town west side south side can you hear me
Where you at [x8]

[Verse 1: Canon]
Throw it up cuz I'm coming from the windy city representing nothing but the west side where them brothas tryna get a buck on the corner k town L town where them brothas stayin' high
Listen up This is where some of the best died
African American with dreams
But they all got popped by them Gs by the Cadillacs runnin' from the bullets of an M16
Gotta show a little love for the brothas on cermack, the brothers on Ogden
Them brothers up in lawndale the brothas on Karlov, brothas on Pulaski them brothas on harlem
Eating at mCarthurs
And If you want to get a couple chicken wings better hit up uncle Remus boy got the season with lemon pepper covered with mild sauce
Leaking cuz it gotta a brother feeding uh
I remember like way back, 14 fitted with the wave cap
Air force ones with the blue jeans creased to T with the white T layed back
Now Cadillac was our maybachs
Either that or you can walk where the trains at
The bus coming every 15 on the corner but some in the past got held back
I remember that man with the Ice cream rolling down the block with Cart
I remember that corn in a cup and fruit man selling in the middle of the day in the park
I remember them hot days with that fire hydrant, water all up in the street
Listen to tracks coming down in them Cadillacs, everybody singing them songs in heat


[Verse 2: Canon]
Let me kick for the brothers up in ATL
For everybody all up in the crib
When We get it up
Gotta chop it up 1134 sells
This the spot, cooking in the kitchen men and women tryna dig it in, fellow we family
Got a lot of brothas that be kickin it with crew
But still I know a couple men around me can't stand me
But it's all good
Cause I just wanna do a little something for the homies who done cover my back
I'm talking bout the homies that a whole me down, I say that before
This deep on the rap
Matter of fact
This is for the brothas who been riding from beginning throw it up like woah
Way back living in the windy city
Back up at the house where I started out back in 04
If you dont know, Now you gon' know I'm just getting started with the coming of the real
Steady Jacking everybody for they own tracks but the album out it's cool so chill
Brothas just chill
And I made it all this way by the grace of the father, when I'm giving everything i gotta give up everything yall know who I gotta pay homage


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