Who Sang Walk With Me? Cappadonna feat. Joey Lee

Joey Lee Slang Prostitution cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-1-27
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 2:22

Excuse me over there, with the high heel shoes
You looking real good, you got me in the mood
I'm trying to be nice, not trying to be rude
You could ask anybody, I'm a hell of a dude
But anyway, baby, I love your skirt
We can exchange numbers, that won't hurt
I'm from the hood, but I don't hang around with dirt
You might see me on a Sunday, going to church
Come on girl

[Chorus: Skinslaya]
You're the kind of girl, I've been looking for
I don't think I have to look anymore
Walk with me, talk with me

Look baby, all I really see is a queen
Don't walk away from me and be all mean
Like one of those chicks with low self esteem
Too much drama, smoke all that green
I used to be the move, but I'm older now
Attracted to a woman with a certain style
And you look like, something that could meet my Earth
For real though, something tell me this could work
Come on girl


My love, you're like a dime that I saw in a vision
I stopped you, baby, I'm a good decision
Walk with me, learn how my ways are humble
Anybody mess with you, I'm ready to rumble
I peep love in your aura, mine's a match
A lot of dudes hurt you before, but they ain't Cap
However you lost, love, I'mma bring you back
I'm telling you, Don where the love is that
Walk with me, come on girl


[Outro: Skinslaya]
Walk with me, talk with me
Walk with me, talk with me
Walk with me, talk with me
Walk with me, talk with me

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