Who Sang C'Thlu Thlu? Caravan

Caravan For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1973
Genre: Rock
Style: Psychedelic Rock/Prog Rock
length: 6:12
From the forest down below
Came a voice that cried "no"
Something seemed nearly dead
Making me feel so cold
Even the trees seemed to fear
There was something unreal
Couldn't see very far
And the sky had gone dark

So we ran, yeah, as fast as we can
Only thought to get away
On and on we didn't know where we'd gone
If it was night or day
"Come back", I can hear a voice call
I can feel it pulling me down
In my head it felt like something had said
You better slow down
But I tried so hard not to make a sound
Feeling better I turned round
And coming up behind me I could see...

Like shadows in the trees
They came creeping unknown
Keeping close through the ground
I can feel them tramp on
Saw the music they knew
We were somewhere close by
They began to crowd us in
Sinkin' deeper in pain

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