Goodnight Dallas Lyrics - Carlene Carter

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Release information
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country/Country Rock
length: 3:41
piano: Albert Lee
lead vocals: Carlene Carter
trumpet: Lee Thornburg
electric guitar: Albert Lee
background vocals: Dave Edmunds and Carlene Carter
organ: Benmont Tench
acoustic guitar: Albert Lee
accordion: Phil Parlapiano
percussion: Ed Greene
mandolin: Albert Lee
saxophone: Phil Kensey
additional piano: Barry Goldberg
drums (drum set): Ed Greene
bass guitar: John Ciambotti
wind instruments arranger: Howie Epstein and Barry Goldberg
I've tasted the good and the bad
And too much of what I ain't had
I been up and down
And all around this old town
But nothing's felt better than my feet on the ground
On the road that leads out of town

So goodnight Dallas
Gonna shoot out the lights in that ole silver palace
I'll drink your wine
One last time
Come morning I'll be gone
Goodnight Dallas
Ah lee o lay e a lee a o

I've lived my life at its best
And too much of all of the rest
I could love you and leave you
But never no never deceive you
So maybe it's better when I leave
I leave with no lies
Than leave with no truth

[Chorus x 2]

Goodnight Dallas
Ah lee o lay e a lee a o
[Repeat x 3]

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