Who Sang Be Thousand? Casual feat. Extra Prolific & Tajai

Tajai Fear Itself cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1994-2-1
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 2:58
producer: Domino
guest performer: Tajai and Extra Prolific
[Featuring Tajai Snupe]

This is how we rollin

swollen on a Saturday

I had a way to chill hard

3 ill broads wanted to hook up

so I looked up Tajai and Snupe

call 'em up

aye yo what's up?

we need to troop to these hoe's house.

[Tajai] Yo where they stay at?

73rd and Lockwood

[Tajai] What?

But the cops good

[Tajai] Ohh aight

So don't trip

*****s ain't sweatin

plus they won't flip if you don't say nothin

[Snupe] Yo, it ain't no thing, I'll bring the Glock

Just in case these *****s on her block

don't want to throw thangs. . .

[Snupe] Yeap

[Tajai] I'm wit it, let's bounce!

We gone

but first you know we

gotta go to Lee's so I can get me an O.E.

the hoes we

foolin' wit look tight

make a right

it might be that one cause she said her **** was blue and white

but she sure don't drive no Cutlass

what is going on? I'm thinking

nah, I'm tweaking

so we stepped to the door. . .

[Snupe] Yo, there they go!

Ooh, I'm gonna do the whore!

so I walk in. . .

[Tajai] Yo, I hear men talking in the next room

If they flex, doom will be hawkin'

[Tajai] Them hoes is lookin' good as phukk!

[Snupe] And if these *****s flex, they gone be gettin' bucked

Word 'em up

I'm glad I came with my men

ask these skins

yo who's these *****s in your den?

she said friends

just then the ***** walked in with no grin

fired up a stem and then said

"What you lookin' at?"

I replied, "*****, you could get took for that!

lets take it outside", huh

we stepped to her butch calmly

cause no ***** can harm me

I'll whoop his *** in the grass

we square up

I caught my grill

he's hard, but still

he got a soft spot

I'ma beat him down until he cough up blood

thugs surround

but they can't tell my men

with the locks got a Glock supportin' me

he tried to rush me

but I bust him in his grill

caught him slippin'

and I said, "You oughta chill"

then his friend tried to jump in

I had to find a piece of lead to rub his rump in

suddenly the vice came

but them *****z down the street in a dice game

I claim

they can't find out my name

I got a warrant

they want to put me in the housing

I bust this *****'s ****

now it's time to be thooooousand

Now it's time to be thooooousand

Now it's time to be thooooousand

Now it's time to be thooooousand

Word up

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 You Flunked
  • 3 Me-O-Mi-O
  • 4 Get Off It
  • 5 That's How It Is
  • 6 That Bullshit
  • 7 Follow the Funk
  • 8 Who's It On
  • 9 I Didn't Mean To
  • 10 We Got It Like That
  • 11 A Little Something
  • 12 This Is How We Rip Shit
  • 13 Lose in the End
  • 14 Thoughts of the Thoughtful
  • 15 Chained Minds
  • 16 Be Thousand

  • Release information
    label: Jive
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 012414152022
    script: Latin