Who Sang Got Me Wondering? Catie Curtis

Catie Curtis From Years to Hours cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1991
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk
length: 3:05
When I was with you, I thought I knew you so well
Now when I see you, it's like I can't tell
You from anybody on the street, it's so strange, the way I feel
Got me wondering if the love was all that real.
You'd think I'd miss the letters and the conversation
You'd think I'd miss a good friend, but I don't know if you were one
Still I liked your style and the way you looked at me
Got me wondering if the love was all that deep.
Well, it must have been me, was I a fool or just too young?

Maybe I just wanted to believe I could be in love
It's like another lifetime, back in those days
And I don't remember now why I wanted you to stay.
You moved again, you got a brand new telephone
I've got the number somewhere, think I'm gonna leave it alone
'Cause I feel so empty every time I talk to you
Got me wondering if the love was all that true.

CD 1
  • 1 Mine Fields
  • 2 Night So Still
  • 3 Hole in the Bucket
  • 4 Watching the Silence
  • 5 Got Me Wondering
  • 6 Grandmother's Name
  • 7 If I Could
  • 8 Wallpaper Dreams
  • 9 Preacher
  • 10 Same Dream (Desert Storm)
  • 11 Strange as It Seems