Who Sang Evergreen? Celebration

Celebration The Modern Tribe cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-10-9
Genre: Rock
Style: Art Rock/Experimental
length: 3:41
If I could touch the sky, you'd say
"I know it's true just by lovin you anyways"
Millions of stars know the seed of days true number.
We can start the fire, embrace the thunder.

Oh have we reached the path to the heart of the sun?
Oh, you can never reach to far, no matter what you

Evergreen will ever be, so ever green we shall see.
Evergreen scrape the sky, oh evergreen wave goodbye.

And there I stood whispering blood and brood
And then we laughed and all our seeds fell out
At the splendor of a frost killing a moss
At the sundown,at the sundown,
At the sundown dance of a forest romance.

CD 1
  • 1 Evergreen
  • 2 Pressure
  • 3 Heartbreak
  • 4 Pony
  • 5 Fly the Fly
  • 6 Tame the Savage
  • 7 Hands Off My Gold
  • 8 In This Land
  • 9 Comets
  • 10 Wild Cats
  • 11 Our Hearts Don't Change