Love It Like That Lyrics - Cham

Cham Ghetto Story cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-8-15
Genre: Hip Hop Reggae
Style: RnB/Swing/Dancehall
length: 3:26
That's how she want it to be done
She want to party and have fun
Can you hear me baby?
Speak to me baby
Say it

It gets wild when I'm loving my man
I go nuts when he's whipping my ***
Oh, you know I love it like dat
Come on daddy, give it to me like dat
It gets wild when he's pulling my hair
I go nuts when he's touching me there
Oh, you know I love it like dat
Don't stop daddy do it like dat

When woman decide when she ready fi di ride
Yu caan come quick
Where's yu pride?
Pressure must be applied
Like when two car collide
Gal fi get **** till she clide
Sen it on and she cried
When man done gal go hide
Said that was nice but I lied
As god a my guide
Yuh got to believe me, I tried
To be gentle but she replied
Say it

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