Who Sang The Lady in Red? Charlie Byrd

Charlie Byrd The Return Of The Great Guitars cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996-2-14
length: 3:22
remixer: Phil Edwards
producer: Allen Farnham and John Burk
engineer: Alan Varner
assistant engineer: Devin Emke
acoustic guitar: Charlie Byrd
bass: John Goldsby
membranophone: Tim Horner
guitar: Herb Ellis and Mundell Lowe
composer: Allie Wrubel
lyricist: Mort Dixon
Oh the lady in red is as fresh as a daisy when the town is in bed
Dancing and dining and shining with originality
She's very proper
She's nothing more than a pal
Oh me and oh my
You'll never stop her
She'll be a dangerous gal
If she ever met the right guy

Oh the lady in red
The fellas are crazy for the lady in red
She's a bit gaudy but lord what a pretty personality

Say have you ever met the girl who's the toast of the town
A work of art without a question
You better write her number down, you fools.

  • 1 Things Ain't What They Used to Be
  • 2 When Lights Are Low
  • 3 A Smooth One
  • 4 My Funny Valentine
  • 5 The Lady in Red
  • 6 Soft Winds
  • 7 Bernie's Tune
  • 8 I Remember You
  • 9 Waltz for Wes
  • 10 Seven Come Eleven
  • 11 Billy Bean!
  • 12 Nigh Roby Get-A-Way
  • 13 On the Trail