Who Sang Road Song? Charlie Rich

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length: 3:12
Rainy Highway, dark and gray
I think of you
I think of you
nearly all the time

Early airport, chase a plane
I'm leaving you
I'm leaving you
oh so far behind

Bye bye, take care, call you on Friday
Kiss the baby, tell 'em that Daddy's gone again
But I'll make it up to him

Motel windows, the rain the sun, another day
I just called to say
that I'm doing fine

How's it going, did you see the mess within?
I will I guess
That's what I call success

Bye bye, take care, call again Monday
Time is flying fast, and I've got all I can do
But I'll make it up to you
with my Road Song, this is my Road Song
The only song I'll have for you

My road song, road song
the song of the road