Who Sang Why, Oh Why? Charlie Rich

Charlie Rich Very Special Love Songs cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1974-2
length: 2:31
Why Oh Why"
(Charlie Rich)
When I know I'Why Oh Why"
(Charlie Rich)

Why, oh why, must I sit and cry

That's not the sorta thing I like to do

Why, oh why did we say goodbye

When I know I'm still in love with you.

Why, oh why am I still pretending

You'll come back to me

When in my heart I know

That happy ending can never be.

And though I try to get you off my mind

I found there's not a easy thing to do

'Cause when I try to get you off my mind

How your love what it did good tryin' to.

Why, oh why am I still pretending

All alone, yes, all alone

I guess it should become I know

I'll never have you for my own ..

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