Who Sang See Me Home? Chely Wright

Chely Wright I Am the Rain cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-9-9
length: 5:15

I don’t need a moon that’s full
To feel its curse, its weight, its pull
And I don’t need the riverbed
To push my dreams above my head
And I don’t need the falling day
To find me on the floor this way
Where reason turns its face away
But I might need you soon
To see me home

I don’t know how the rising tide
Has crawled my knees and found my side
I don’t know how it knows my name
Or the reaching shadow of my frame
I don’t know why it’s come to call
And steals the color from the wall
Then sweeps us both out in the hall
But I know I’ll need you soon
To see me home

Take my hand
Walk me through the valley
I’ll fear not, with the sun to warm my face
There we’ll stand
In the light of all that shall be
Knowing home has never been a place

Something has come over me
Rolled a stone away and free
Scratched a word into the sand
With something still here in my hand
It’s something neither you nor I
While dark has slipped beneath the skies
It’s lit a lamp behind our eyes
And I know I’ll need you soon
To see me home
Oh I know I’ll need you soon
To see me home

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