Who Sang Discreet? Cherrelle

Cherrelle Affair cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1988
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop Funk / Soul
Style: Contemporary R&B/New Jack Swing/Dance-pop
length: 4:04

(Backwards message)
What song are we doing now, Jimmy Jam?


Somebody help me

Ow! Whoo!

Not a word from my lips
'Cause I know loose lips sink ships
Never seen, never heard
Call me sneaky, but this is my word

Discreet, whoo!
Discreet, whoo! Ooh, hey

From my mouth to your ears
Out your mouth and now it's everywhere
Like a virus spreading flu
You can run, but the gossip will find you

Discreet, whoo! Mmm-mmm
Discreet, right, right, one more time, whoo!
Discreet, yeah, ooh, ooh
Discreet, oh, let me tell you

Discreet, don't put my memories in discreet
Discreet, tell all my friends where we meet

You wouldn't give your money to someone else
(Your money)
To spend the wrong way
So why give someone else's ears
Something for their big mouths to talk about
(Discreet, discreet)

Where I go, who I see
What I do, it's my business
If there's something between us two
There's one thing: I ask you

Discreet, oh, spreading over here, baby
Discreet, be a litle careful darling

Don't you, don't you
Don't you go out with Alex?
Right, I thought so


I hate to be the bearer of bad news
But, girl, you wouldn't believe what I heard


He was, he was, he was all over her

Spitting on my name
Spreading all over town

Hey, well, look, just don't say I said anything

Discreet, whoo!
Discreet, whoa
Discreet, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh

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  • 2 Pick Me Up
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