Who Sang Drop? Chester French

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length: 4:03
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I bet you've never been out on a date like this before
With a real gentleman, who opens up the door
I'll pour you 7-Up and Grenadine
And then you know we're going bowling

Yeah, that's how we're doin' it tonight girl
You're in my world and
We can finish this evening talkin' in my ride
Or continue this inside
But once you get to the door
Those panties gonna drop drop drop to the floor (To the floor)
We're gonna have a little fun
Won't stop stop stop 'til ya done ('Til you're done)
Stay on the bed, until we're bored
Then we'll drop drop drop to the floor (To the floor)
To the floor, to the floor, to the floor

I think you're stunnin' from you're style to your curly hair
But clearly that's not all, you've got many layers
Understandin', intellectual
But underneath it all I know you're sexual

So we can start this on the sectional
Put on some Ren and Stimpy
While you're gettin' skimpy
Show you the bedroom when I see it's time
Then continue this inside


Oh, oh, won't you be my neighbor? (Be my neighbor)
Oh, oh, I really like your flavor baby
Oh, oh, so just tell me how you like it (I need to know, need to know)
And I'mma do it how you like it


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    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin