Who Sang How Long Has This Been Going On? Chet Baker

Chet Baker Embraceable You cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Eriko Ohashi (pka Hussy R), Lady John Douglas Scott
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Jazz
Style: Smooth Jazz/Cool Jazz
length: 2:46
producer: Richard Bock and Michael Cuscuna
engineer: Malcolm Addey
bass: Russ Savakus
guitar: David Wheat
trumpet: Chet Baker
composer: George Gershwin
lyricist: Ira Gershwin
As a tot, when I trotted in little velvet panties,
I was kissed by my sisters, my cousins, and my aunties.
Sad to tell, it was hell, an inferno worse than Dante's.

So my dear I swore,
"Never, never more !"
On my list, I insisted that kissing must be crossed out.
Now, I find I was blind, and oh my! How I lost out!

I could cry salty tears,
Where have I been all these years?
Little wow, tell me now:
How long has this been going on?

There were chills up my spine,
And some thrills I can't define.
Listen, sweet, I repeat:
How long has this been going on?

Oh, I feel that I could melt,
Into Heaven I'm hurled!
I know how Columbus felt,
Finding another world.

Kiss me once, then once more.
What a dunce I was before.
What a break! For Heaven's sake!
How long has this been going on?

Dear, when in your arms I creep,
That divine rendezvous,
Don't wake me, if I'm asleep,
Let me dream that it's true!

Kiss me twice, then once more.
That makes thrice, let's make it four!
What a break! For Heaven's sake!
How long has this been going on?
How long has this, been going on?

CD 1
  • 1 The Night We Called It a Day
  • 2 Little Girl Blue (instrumental version)
  • 3 Embraceable You
  • 4 They All Laughed
  • 5 There's a Lull in My Life
  • 6 What Is There to Say
  • 7 While My Lady Sleeps
  • 8 Forgetful
  • 9 How Long Has This Been Going On
  • 10 Come Rain or Come Shine
  • 11 On Green Dolphin Street
  • 12 Little Girl Blue (vocal version)
  • 13 Trav'lin' Light