Who Sang Time on My Hands? Chet Baker

Chet Baker  cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Harold Adamson, Mack Gordon, Vincent Youmans
length: 4:34
producer: Orrin Keepnews
engineer: Jack Higgins
piano: Bill Evans
baritone saxophone: Pepper Adams
trumpet: Chet Baker
bass: Paul Chambers
flute: Herbie Mann
drums (drum set): Connie Kay and Philly Joe Jones
composer: Vincent Youmans
lyricist: Mack Gordon, Harold Adamson
When the day fades away into twilight
The moon is my light of love
In the night, I am quite a romancer
I find an answer above
To being me consolation, you're my inspiration
This is my imagination.

Time on my hands, you in my arms
Nothing but love in view, then you fall
Once and for all, I'll see my dreams come true
Moments to spare for someone you care for
Our love affair for two
With time on my hands and you in my arms
And love in my heart all for you.