Sphere Lyrics - Chimaira

Chimaira Pass Out of Existence cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-10-1
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Heavy Metal/Nu Metal/Metalcore
length: 4:21
producer: Mudrock
membranophone: Andols Herrick
vocal: Mark Hunter
mixer: Mudrock
recording engineer: Mudrock
guitar: Jason Hager and Rob Arnold
additional engineer: Scott Francisco and Justin Walden
programming: Justin Walden
electronic instruments: Chris Spicuzza
bass guitar: Jim LaMarca
editor: Justin Walden
assistant mixer: Ted Regier
composer: Chimaira
lyricist: Mark Hunter
Crawling back up from the floor now
I look above me and there you are
I see your smiling face so pure, its gold
Reaching your hand out to touch mine
Perhaps all I needed was your smile
A nice compliment or two

Where were you a few weeks ago?
When I was wanting to, wanting to die
I felt so worthless but you saved me
Watching me almost fall under
You were with him I was with her
Wanting each other more then life
A kiss away from being perfect

Cry out you're watching over me and I can't be with you
All I wanted was to end me, now to be in love with two
I hate my thoughts now
I'll leave her alone to live in bliss
Your my savior my dream come true

Trying to figure out a way
I'll lick your wounds I'll heal your sores
I can never face my past
Not together I felt so sick inside
Death will come very soon
I tear as we drift away
Picture me dead would you cry

CD 1
  • 1 Let Go
  • 2 Dead Inside
  • 3 Severed
  • 4 Lumps
  • 5 Pass Out of Existence
  • 6 Abeo
  • 7 Sp Lit
  • 8 Painting the White to Grey
  • 9 Taste My...
  • 10 Rizzo
  • 11 Sphere
  • 12 Forced Life
  • 13 Options
  • 14 Jade
  • 15 Without Moral Restraint