Who Sang I Am Chipmunk? Chip

Release information
Release Date: 2008-5-12
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop
Style: Grime
length: 2:56
I Am Chipmunk I (See I'm Chipmunk) Yes I Am Fam Definitely Yeah Ya Know Who I Am YOU KNOW ME (Can't You See I'm Chipmunk) MANIAC PRODUCTION!
I'm Chipmunk (See I'm Chipmunk) Cause Look I Am Chipmunk Naw Don't Know Who You Are Yeah I Know Who I Am Cause I'm Chipmunk (Cause I'm Chipmunk)

Sorry You Are You Know Me But Fam Who Are You Tho Goin' On Like Your Sayin' Ya Ready For The Chip But It's Like Your Brain Still Dosen't Have A Clue Tho
Who Are You Tho Textin' Like Sayin' Ya Big Naw You Can't Text Me This Kid Call Me A Big Head But Oh It's A Minor I Got Ya Girlfriends
I Will Take Out Your Crew Naw You Can Mess With This Kid You And Your Team Verse Me And My
It's Not Be That You Want To Be Facin' I Ain't Got A Spot In A Game You Ain't Taken For Me There Is No Replacement

By Now You Know Da Name It's Grands On PS I'll Play The Game And I'll Crock It Like Sixteen Times I'll Write A Man Stance In Sixteen Lines
His Kids Cryin' Don't Diss This Kid Aim With Ya Best Sixteen If You Like I'll Flip Da Wall You'll Miss This Kid Try Name A Youth Who's Dis Big
Man I Bet I Get It Smarter You Could Be A Lanky Cunt Dats Harder Chipmunks An All Time Balla From Day One From Names To Shot Callers
And I Rep For That Big Movement None Of These Youths Tryin' Smoother My Movements Cause It's My Certain Movement

CD 1
  • 1 PSP (intro)
  • 2 Mr. Miyagi (feat. Hits)
  • 3 I Am Chipmunk
  • 4 Starting Line Up (feat. Shalo)
  • 5 Fire Alie
  • 6 Don't Be Greedy
  • 7 Light Up Central (feat. Black the Ripper & Frisco)
  • 8 These Streets
  • 9 Versitile Style
  • 10 Show Love (feat. Cookie)
  • 11 64 Bar Statement
  • 12 League of My Own
  • 13 How I Stay
  • 14 If Only You Believed
  • 15 Who Are You?
  • 16 Consistant
  • 17 My Life
  • 18 Writing & Grinding (feat. Black the Ripper & Cookie)
  • 19 Tim Westwood Show
  • 20 Upgrade You

  • Release information
    label: Alwayz Recording
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: CD
    barcode: 666017173221
    script: Latin