Who Sang Numb Phase? Choke

Choke Foreword cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-9-21
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
length: 2:54

what didn't kill me
left me cold enough to live this lie
now i drift desensitized reality has
had it's way with this time
confidence now lost in comfort
of familiar habits
i know it's destructive
but i can not get past this barricade
i boiled up inside too high
i've got to pull out of numbing phase
hold down this fear
push back self doubt
i'm most afraid that i will fall to failure
so much to say can't get it out
it's all a waste chaste
forced to indignant taste
self propelled rejection
it's more than i can take (right now)
so sick of hiding from what i can't face
so sick of hiding from what i can't face
i must get through this wall of insecurity
the thought of rejection more than
i can take and i've got to get out of this numb phase
set numb aside

CD 1
  • 1 Recoil
  • 2 Perfect, Plastic
  • 3 Numb Phase
  • 4 Tired
  • 5 More Than One Opponent
  • 6 Not the Answer
  • 7 It's Gone Too Far
  • 8 One Less Thing at a Time
  • 9 Lifeline
  • 10 I've Told Myself a Thousand Times