Chris Tomlin - Alle 歌詞

合成: Douglas Gamley
length: 3:37

May the path that I walk Be the path of righteousness
May the words from my mouth Give you praise
May my heart be Your home And a place of holiness
I worship You in love
I lift You, lift You up

Alle, Alleluia to the Father to the Lord
Alle Alleluia to the Savior forevermore

  • 1 In Love With You
  • 2 Tell Me Who
  • 3 Romans 16:19
  • 4 Alle
  • 5 You Are My King
  • 6 The Cross, the Crown / No Love Greater
  • 7 You Are My Treasure
  • 8 Lamb of God
  • 9 We Fall Down / My Jesus I Love Thee
  • 10 Shout to the Lord