Who Sang Power? Christ on Parade

Christ on Parade A Mind Is a Terrible Thing cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1987
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore
length: 3:22

Evolution, Revolution, No solution- our blood is filled with greed-It´s the power- crazed people who are running this earth. And they sit and watch the needy bleed. Complete control is what they need to satisfy their inner greed for power... the media keeps the public blind as mankind destroys mankind for power. The one reason why we may soon beat war, is the same reason why we´ve been there before. And it´s power. People are obsessed with power, people tell you how to live, there is always someone trying to take what you don´t want to give with their power. And the people who succeed were rewarded for their greed by our society which conditions us to always take more than we need. You´ll get nowhere in this society by being concerned for the welfare of your fellow man. So if you want to get somewhere in this society you´ve got to take as much as you can! But those who think that they´ve gotten somewhere, haven´t really gotten anywhere.. So I´d rather stay right where I am and go nowhere with everyone else*

Vinyl 1
  • 1 Teach Your Children Well
  • 2 Joshua Brown
  • 3 Pressure To Succeed
  • 4 T.V. Media Mass Murder Celebrity
  • 5 Nothing To Live For
  • 6 Rock 'N' Roll Armageddon
  • 7 Twenty Years
  • 8 Everyone's Crazy
  • 9 Riding The Flatlands
  • 10 Kill Your Landlord
  • 11 Stupid Questions (Not To Ask)
  • 12 Self Serving
  • 13 Doctors
  • 14 Dead Meat
  • 15 Lifesucker
  • 16 Power
  • 17 Old Mac Donalds Farm

  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    format: Vinyl