Christian Kane - Whiskey in Mind 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2010-12-7
ジャンル: Folk, World, & Country
スタイル: Country
length: 2:45
I was down in Whiskey River
Stopped in for a drink
Minding my own business
Trying not to think
Bartender came over with a shot of his best
Said this ones from the lady in the long black dress
She came waltzing 'round the corner
Anybody sitting here
Started taking off her glasses and letting down her hair
I said thank you for the drink ma'am
How'd you know my brand?
She said there's certain things a woman can tell about a man
I said

Do you like the hard kick of old Kentucky Bourbon?
Or the slow burn of Tennessee rye
Just when I thought I lost her
Pathetic conversation
She said slide over and kiss me
I got more than whiskey in mind

Oh man my heart was jump
Shaking on the stool
I moved a little closer
And I tried to play it cool
The band started rockin'
It was kinda hard to hear
I order us a double
And chased it with a beer


I started getting dizzy from the liquor on her lips
No eighty proof has ever got me buzzing like this
I love the
Man I love the
Hard kick of old Kentucky bourbon
And the slow burn of Tennessee rye
At this point in the night no need for conversation
I got more than whiskey
Slide over and kiss me
I got more than whiskey in mind

CD 1
  • 1 The House Rules
  • 2 Something's Gotta Give
  • 3 Thinking of You
  • 4 Whiskey in Mind
  • 5 Let's Take a Drive
  • 6 Callin' All Country Women
  • 7 American Made
  • 8 Let Me Go
  • 9 Seven Days
  • 10 Making Circles
  • 11 Fast Car