Who Sang My Favorite Color? Citizen

Citizen Everybody Is Going to Heaven cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-6-23
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Grunge
length: 3:43
producer: Will Yip
mixer: Vince Ratti and Will Yip
engineer: Will Yip
assistant engineer: Colin Gorman
Spoon feedin' me medicine
Shed myself, see my for who I am today
My will is genuine, mistaken fo'
Mistaken fo' someone u embraced, hey

I saw u as a man
My mind is spinnin' round where and when did I create
Someone to represent, someone I forget
Something I will neva be except blame

Second handed silver shelf
Stay patient for me!
Paint yoself a favorite colour
Stay, pray for me!
Wore myself out again
You call that somethin' that I neva could replace
My time is running thin! U won't be back again
You time is runnin' thin! You won't be back until I say
It's all that you ever want

Stay quiet for me
Make you out for this smolder
Stay quiet for me
Stay quiet for me
Stay quiet for me
Stay quiet for me

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  • 3 Numb Yourself
  • 4 Heaviside
  • 5 My Favorite Color
  • 6 Weave Me (Into Yr Sin)
  • 7 Stain
  • 8 Ten
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  • 10 Ring of Chain