Spinning Lyrics - Clarkesville

Clarkesville The Half Chapter cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-7-21
length: 3:12

Hey now
Where do we fit into this
We're just trying to move along
We're trying to keep ourselves connected
And it feels so strange
To see you here like this
I wonder how your world has been spinning
Without me

Your life is a sight that should be seen
So close your eyes now and look deeper
On an axis there's the universal dream
Turning faster than the dreamer

Hey now'

And I might seem a bitter bittersweet
After everything we've been through
You said nothing ever would defeat
The battalion me and you

Hey now'

Looking back to the road that we were on
When we could feel our spirits rising
Up ahead we saw somewhere to belong
Underneath broader horizons

Hey now

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