Who Sang No Sympathy, No Violins? Classix Nouveaux

Classix Nouveaux Night People cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1981-5
length: 4:07
writer: Sal Solo, Mik Sweeney

Don't talk to me, i will talk to the wall
Men such as we have no feelings at all
So you assume when we step from the crowd
Deaf to the voice that objects aloud
We stand up proud

No sympathy (no violins)
For such as we (no violins)
No sympathy (no violins)

Stares that suggest we're an alien race
There's no escape from the look on your face
Cut me i bleed, give me cause and i'll cry
People don't change though you wonder why
We have to try

No sympathy... etc...

No sympathy (no violins)
For such as we (no violins)
There is no need (no violins) no sympathy

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