Who Sang Or a Movie? Classix Nouveaux

Classix Nouveaux Night People cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1981-5
length: 4:32
writer: Sal Solo

When you feel you are lonely
You think you're the only
One who feels that way
You sit watching the wall
Feel like ending it all
If no-one calls to say

Hello, how are you today
Why not come and see a play
Or a movie?
I'll come over anyway
Talk a while, and i may stay
Over, we'll see

All alone in your room
If someone won't come soon
There's no-one's voice but yours
You look out of the window
There's nobody you know
Coming through the door

Silence is the only friend
Feels like we have reached the end
Of a movie
Now there's no more turning back
Everything is grey on black
What do you see?

No-one cares alive or dead
Thoughts run riot in your head
Like a movie
Lock the door and lose the key
Everyone out there you'll be
Sorry, you'll see

Time has never seemed so long
There's no comfort in a song
Or a movie
Couldn't stand it anymore
Tried to find a way out for yours truly

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