Who Sang Catch Me If You Can? Clear Soul Forces

Clear Soul Forces Detroit Revolution(s) cover art
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Release Date: 2012-3-13
length: 4:47
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Hello dear friends, it's so beautiful up here dear friends, it's so clean
Yes dear friends there's no drunk drivers here,no broken glass no air.....

[Hook: J-ROC]
One time for the dreamers who said we couldn't make it
We'll see you when we see ya, peace! hey!
Golden ticket in my hand, screaming catch me if you can
And said we couldn't make it
But we here, I know you feel me knocking
So let me in, they said we couldn't make it
But we here, I know you feel me knocking
So let me in, it's like, it's like
One time for the dreamers who said we couldn't make it
We'll see you when we see ya, peace!
Gold ticket in my head screaming catch me if you can

Went from, dreams enormous to vocal cords and bystanding
To kill them all, the syllable sword highlander my state of mind change
Paper was on the line, became a predator, top of the food chain to competitors
You see us moving through life at the speed of talent
Dark skies where the games aurora borealis shine through
Traveling pavements made a nimbus
A rainy day won't prevent us from reaching mount Olympus
Had a, different agenda than my crew
I was out of it couldn't put me in a box, my mind wouldn't fit inside of it
We all had a dream, I was just dumb enough to follow it
Land of milk and honey, we was lactose intolerant
Pops left me an orphan mama was working so I bottle shit up
Like an assembly line for Jergens Now I'm lotion on it
Everything's smooth
No time to reminisce on what we miss, gotta move
Was hooping till my sneakers had no sole left inside of them
The ball player with a poet living inside of him
Out of him came a beast when instrumentals surrounded him
Wrote it all down, this notebooks where he was hiding them
Look nigga

[Hook: J-ROC]

We give them something they ain't used to
For the past and presence so they doubt a nigga future
A few fucked with us for we moved up stressed out
Used to take shots, now it's full cups, what?
I put my problems in the swisher
Burn it down with Eli basment bumping Dilla
A concrete jungle full of silverback gorillas
Get caught slipping 'less you're mighty Joe Young with em
Tryin to be the Mufasa of the pad pen and
Lyin if they saying they lions they Matt Millen
Coming up I had a couple friends that I was poorer than
Wrote raps, words never lack like misfortunate
This shit is for the rich and not the talented
Money talk to can't say jack like wheel of fortune spins
I'mma grind until I'm coffined in and just let the rest rest
Yes, it's for the dreamers

[Hook: J-ROC]

I'm probably in poverty cause all my teachers lied to me
Spreading, promoting monotony, never about the economy
A fallacy, in high school never mimic reality
Rope-a-dee-dope on us put all that liquor in our guts
Somebody oughta tell em if we're broke and fucked up
Than that's more reason for us to be high and coked up what?
Who got the lighter I'm sort of a genius writer
? side of fighter, dropping bombs like striker
I strike 'em then I hit the pads like I was a beast
With that Dilla vibe banging on this MPC
Smacking these ladies tails with my brain flood the game
Then push a Mercedes wheel, call it a king's tale
Terrific get to rapping and incredibly rip shit
Into micro little bits you bithces can never see it
From Sicily to the beaches of Saudi Arabian ?
We got you the Motor City soul, this is how the story goes

[Hook: J-ROC]

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    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin