I'm Not You Lyrics - Clipse feat. Jadakiss , Styles P & Rosco P. Coldchain

Rosco P. Coldchain Lord Willin’ cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-4-1
length: 4:18
No, no, no, I told you, I live this ****
I ain't just up here, rappin' and tappin'
Spittin' and skittin' and ****, naw, not me
I'm not you, I'm not you rapper, I'm not you, Pusha

I keep that ziploc bustin' at the stitches, culinary chemist
I serve the malicious to break the fiends fixes
One give you the sniffles, the other leave you with the itches
Transport, airport with the vaseline

So I can fulfill my dreams of passion as green
More cash then ya seen within Ashton it's green
Me drivin' up fast with the lean, zonin' family
Keep youngin's in them rented Camry's

Door panels full of **** and I ain't full of ****
Reckless ***, God forbid they don't crash
From the panel to the dash, it's four pounds of slab
Naw, ***** we don't believe in air bags

Cars turn tricks like them Ringling brother skits
Whether ***** hop out or the glock pop out
Ya know, what I'm about
Blow to ya sinus 'til the snot drop out

Whoever said birds fly south for the winters, a damn lie
Got 'em right here and if I don't like you the grams high
Take it or leave it, soon as a fiend, taste it, they need it
They could smoke it right in front of you to make you believe it

Prolly think, I won't murder you the way I smile
But I'ma take a lota shots, A I style
Jada, the name is filthy but so what
The **********in' game is filthy

You know, what? My mom and my pops really did a good job
But it was the Montega and the Cane the built me
So I could never hate on another brother
God is great, the devil is a ************

When you broke but they think you got money
Crackers start showin' you love, ya own people act funny
I tear *****s heads off, I don't discriminate
Waves, cornrows or dreads, I will eliminate

I'm far from a noodle, *****, I stab up block reps
And turn quiet streets into hot sex
*****, that's funny you say you a killa, how?
What is it the return of the killer clown?
You don't put no fear in my heart

I make ya people say, 'wow', that didn't look like my man
They flipped upside down, the coroner did what he can
He got hit wit ten rounds at pointblank and pointblank
Coldchian left that ***** stankin'

Half static and face I got the wrinkling, slugs all in it
I had my eyes on his mink and I didn't give 'em
A chance to blink when I dodged up on 'em
Pressed the forty up on him shocked 'em
Made his head stand on end and like a baby I rocked 'em

The Coffin, the cradle, you can't bite the hand that made you
That's the beginning of the end and you a thug that pretends
Carl Coldchain, suit the *****, I got a great vision I see through men
And squeeze triggers wit' bullets that go through men

**** wit S P, that's ya date with death
Got bullets that'll grape ya chest, no sleep like I hate the rest
I'm in the hood like it's my fate to rep
I hold it down any place I step and I love gettin' slept on
'Cause I'm rawer than dope fresh outta Africa that never been stepped on

Dog, I'ma clap at you the minute that you rep wrong
Holiday, the ghost the main reason why ya set gone
Why I love riffin', the war you wouldn't understand
'Cause my God is different than yours

If the world spin in a circle, I want 'em to learn move backwards
Kill *****s the first minute they jerk you
What you keep the toaster for creepin' through the hood
And **** ain't really good but I'm deeper than the ocean floor
Higher than a plane and meaner than a baller
Want ya insides out so I mean it when I pull

Rappers is talking to me as if, come on
We in the same boat, I tell them quick, no, I move Coke
And you and I don't share no common bond
So forgive me if I don't receive you with open arms, no

It shames me to no end to feed poison
To those who could very well be my kin
But where there's demand, someone will supply
So I feed them their needs at the same time cry

Yes, it pains me to see them need this
All of them lost souls and I'm their Jesus
Deepest regret and sympathy to the street
I see them pay for they fix when they kids couldn't eat, so sorry

And with this in mind, I still didn't quit
And that's how I know that I ain't ****, I ain't ****
My heart bleed but that's aside from the fact
I live from my kids and their's and them youngin's after that

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